Nike — The Force is Female

Lookbook and collateral design
for a campaign launch.

Collaborator(s): Gabbie Bautista, Danger Bea

Blue Star Donuts 

Logo design for an iconic Portland donut shop.

Collaborator(s): Wilderness

Google — Game Developers Conference 2019

GDC is the world's largest professional game industry event. I worked closely with MKG to create graphics for the event, including a custom icon system.

Collaborator(s): MKG

Stronger Shines the Light Inside

I worked with photographer Angie Smith to bring her year-long photo project to life. The project tells the stories of refugee resettlement in Idaho, through portraits and interviews.

Collaborator(s): Angie Smith

Wilder Quarterly 

Editorial design for Wilder Quarterly, a publication for people enthralled by the natural world.

Collaborator(s): Monica Nelson


Open Engagement

Branding and UX design for Open Engagement, an international conference and platform that supports socially engaged art.

Collaborator(s): Nicole Lavelle, Taryn Cowart




Misc. logos